Here are some MPG movie clips of the 1998 Dragon Attack Stunt Show in action at the Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire.


All hell breaks loose at the Old Gate when Yohko's dragonmen attack.


Gnaarl the Dragonman gets blown off the tower by Zippo's magic.


Gareth gets a surprise when he scales the ladder and finds Yohko staring at him.

352 X 240     46 sec     7.68 MB 352 X 240     17 sec     2.91 MB 352 X 240     19 sec     3.20 MB


Locken Key the Gatekeeper gets blown off the wall by the transformed Yohko.


A wiring malfunction causes all the pyro onstage to go off at once in our lone night show of the year.


The villagers of Hawkwood are forced to unleash the only person that's scarier than Yokho... the Taxman!

352 X 240     10 sec     1.71 MB 352 X 240     14 sec     2.41 MB 352 X 240     25 sec     4.23 MB


Swords get swapped for torches in the night version of the brawl.


The evil dragon Yohko (Oh No!) arrives for the first time at Hawkwood... and pandemonium erupts.


Heave the Gargoyle comes flying in to help the dragonmen, only to find the wall was closer than it appeared.

352 X 240     87 sec     14.50 MB 352 X 240     20 sec     3.42 MB 352 X 240     10 sec     1.81 MB

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