Ah, the 1998 Dragon Attack Stunt Show, tailor-made for year 3 of the Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire. This was the stunt show's inaugural year, and it came about in a most unusual fashion.
The faire had contacted a fight troop to put together a stunt show for them for the run of the season, but unfortunately, they never showed up in time to be hired.
That's when the faire turned inward to put together a show out of its own talent. I brought on the most talented cast members that I was familiar with to take on the daunting task of putting together a stunt show from design to performance in only 5 weekends.
We succeeded... barely. The show turned out great, especially given the lack of time we had to prepare. We especially got better towards the end of the run when we had a few shows under our belt.
This page is a tribute to the brave souls who debased and injured themselves in the name of entertainment.

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