Crunch, Snaarf, and Gareth go at it after Jerricho resurrects the dead dragonmen. Gnorg heads up the stairs after Smash. You can't really see Snaarf, but he's there, trust me. He's just really skinny.

Gareth and Port each react to the appearance of Ringo over the wall. Gareth hides behind his shield like a little girl while Port just stares like an idiot. Some militia.

Smash, Gareth, and Port survey the plethora of dead dragonmen littering their fort.

Lord Plushing, Lord Gareth, Port, and Keepa put on their best money-grubbing faces as they ponder which audience member to plunder.

Jerricho squares off with Lord Gareth after the evil Ogre summons Ringo to the wall. Where's a little bunny rabbit when you need it?

Jerricho smiles at the chaos he has started as Lord Gareth chokes Snaarf on the right. Gnorg attacks Dimitri on the left and Locken faces the wall in fear of Ralf. I hope he's not watering the wall up there!

Ah, there's the little bunny rabbit! Lord Plushing saves everyone from Ringo's forked tongue as he hurls the cute lil' innocent, defenseless bunny into the dragon's awaiting incisors. Some role models, huh?

* Blaze reacts to Jerricho's taunting in the most diva-like fashion. It's enough to make your hair stand up... well, hers anway.

Gareth, Smash, and Plushing silently applaud Locken's daring jump into the well to save Dimitri. Well, all right, but they're applauding on the inside. Really!!

Locken Key narrowly avoids the explosion which blew Chomp into the banner shop. He'll be checking his pants for scorch marks and skid marks later!

Jerricho dusts off his hands over the top of Hork's dead body after dispatching some good guys. Meanwhile Ringo gives us his best stupid look.

Agwe the wizard saves Dimitri from the ravages of the well monster, or was it the ravages of Port? Either way, he saves the day, provided Dimitri doesn't drop too fast!

It's pandemonium as fighting breaks out over Old Gate. Gareth and Jerricho fight on the right while Plushing struggles with the boiling pitch. Dimitri looks to do some damage to dragonmen as Heave and Snap struggle to get Gnorg free from the well monster.

Jerricho has resurrected his dragonmen and sent them to attack!
It's like a horror movies where every time you kill someone, they always have to come back.

* Jerricho tries to stop the fight to look around for his car keys while Ringo looks from on high.

* Genevive totally loses control when Henri and Skrene show up to team with Crash in making matters worse.

Agwe gently eases Dimitri to the ground while Smash, Plushing, and Gareth try to catch him, but only end up looking confused.

* Lord Plushing places the blame on everyone else but himself after Keepa fell in the well. Notice how Smash manages to maintain an innocent face the whole time.

Plushing and Locken receive a little surprise from the not-quite-so defeated Jerricho!

* Jerricho ducks out of the way of the furious battle between Snaarf and Gareth. Well, all right, it's only a little furious.

* Gnorg can only laugh as Snaarf bares his dramatic soul and threatens the good guys in his best gravely Shakespeare.

* Ripp, Gnaarl, and Snort lurk about Old Gate taunting the crowd, the good guys, and the well monster while waiting for the show to begin.

* Keepa sits around the side of the well waiting on some action. Funny, she's usually splashing around in the middle of the well, yet her hair never gets wet. Hmm.....

* Plushing, Gareth, Port, and Keepa herd up the dragonmen and shove them out the gate like Jerrichos, er... I mean cattle.

Smash whines about heard dragon footsteps while Dimitri, Locken, Gareth, and Plushing ridicule him. I mean, even if there was a dragon, at least don't whine about it!

Jerricho holds his biggest fan, Jerriquette, while Snort looks at her as if he's going to eat her.
Everyone all together now, Aaawwwwww!!!!

Wes and Mikey are sweatin' to the oldies before our first show at the Cast/Merchant mixer during workshops.

* Gnorg and Snaarf bow to Jerricho, who looks as if he hasn't had nearly enough coffee this morning!

Ralf can only look on in amazement at the powerful tentacle of Manilli the Well Monster as it wraps up Gnorg.

* Ah, the infamous Pre-show. Genevive tries to maintian some semblance of order as Locken, Crash, and Blaze brag about how amazing they are."

* The last fight of the show is on as the Jerricho watches the hair whooshing Heave attack Port, while Gareth takes one in the bells from Snaarf while fighting Hork, and Gnorg pursues Smash to the top of the tower.

All photos in the Show 1 Gallery with an * next to the caption are courtesy of Derrick Johnson

Locken Key gets blown from the tower during one of the rehearsals.
It's a long way down!

Confusion reigns as Jerricho orders the dragonmen to attack. Keepa squares off with Ripp on the left, Gnaarl waits for Lord Plushing to attack up high, while Lord Gareth squares off with Hork and Snaarf. Snaarf's there! Behind Hork! I'm telling you. He's just really skinny.

Everyone laughs as Port runs around in a fit after getting his biscuits burned by Ringo the dragon.
Remember to preheat to 450, Port.

Chomp the dragonwoman is about to get blown off the tower by
Agwe the wizard.

Darkness comes over the land as Chomp the dragonwoman flies in over the unsuspecting militia.
Plushing stands on the wall, preparing his sword for her.

Uh, oh!! Someone left the 'fridge open and Snaarf and Hork have invaded the Haagen Dazs! Nothing's sacred any more!!

Crunch the clumsy dragonman sits and waits for his next victim while the well monster waits for him to get closer to the well.

It's a bar fight without the bar as the Hawkwood Militia and the Dragonmen
go at it full tilt!

Skrene Dors takes a moment to let us all admire his tights before continuing on to let the dragonmen admire his tights.

As soon as Agwe the wizard makes his entrance and his theme music starts, it's dance fever on the stage. Watch the audience try to keep from losing their lunch as the good guys and bad guys boogie down.

The action's so fast it blurs the light as Snaarf and Hork swing in on ropes to attack Port while Retch and Ripp hustle in to help. Plushing holds off Chomp high on the wall. (Or was that hold off a high Chomp?)

Here's a shot of the revamped Old Gate Theater where we all performed at Hawkwood.
Seems like it just keeps getting bigger!

It's mass hysteria as the dragonmen attack Port (aka Huevos de Castillo) with burning torches.
Plushing waits around on the left to charge in and disrupt Port's good fighting rhythm.

Jerricho chews out his dragonmen for bowing to Agwe. The dragonmen chew on each other.
Gareth and Crash chew on Keepa. Sounds like a party.

Blade the Vampire Hunter tried to make sense of the whole Halloween vs Christmas thing.

Fighting has broken out between Christmas and Halloween as the Mummy and the Wolfman defend against the onslaught of Santa's Evil Elves.

When Elves Attack!.... next on Geraldo.

On the dark evening of Halloween, the Wolfman and the Mummy stop one of the Evil Elves. In the darkness above, though, Dr. Jeckyl gets piled on by two more Elves with their candy canes.

Mr. Hyde plummets 20' from the top of the tower after Blade blows him up. Blade must have mistaken him for a vampire or something.

Dr. Jeckyl flees from the attacking cuteness of an elf. Santa and Blade can only watch in amusement..

The Mummy suffers through another death upon getting a close view of the drunken reindeer, Blitzed. At the bottom, the Zombie Ballerina runs for cover.

The Mummy tries to put the evil little toymaker under wraps. Man, these Elves get more evil every time I see them.

Santa Claus, that jolly old fat man himself takes a few minutes to negotiate climbing over the wall. Not quite the same as dropping down a chimney, is it Santy?

The Witch tries to pat the Wolfman on the head without him humping her leg. Do you think she was successful?

The Wolfman and the Mummy try to turn Santa's Elves into the ghosts of Christmas past.

The Wolfman gets all feral on a bunch of cane-totin', toy-makin', snow-blowin', evil little two-shoes.

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