Hobarth reads Yohko's tax return (and his lines) while Max lip-synchs along from behind the well.

Snaarf the dragonman and Max Mim Damage the Master at Arms go at it tooth and nail.

Hey, does anyone else have an armrest that talks?

Mishka, our puppeteer, fights the good fight against the world's heaviest puppet, Yohko.

Snaarf makes that face at Plushing again. That means one of them just cut the cheese!

Zippo is either taking a short nap during a slow part in the script, or is in the process getting blown up by Yohko.

Look at me, mom. I'm a super hero! Wait. Is that the ground?

Gareth does his Mary Poppins impersonation without the umbrella as he attempts to escape the vicious Yohko!

Gareth finally touches down after that grueling 2 second flight. They didn't even show a movie on that flight!

This is what happens when you try and recycle previously dead dragonmen. They die again!

There goes Gnaarl the dragonman, falling to his doom right next to the crowd.

Now here's Gnaarl falling again, this time with pyro blast and Matrix-like effects added!

The final stage of the stunt is when Gareth flashes his undies to the unsuspecting audience while trying not to get hit by the falling ladder.

If you're unfortunate enough to be on stage when Gareth does this trick (as Piskey Whiskey is), you get to see his underwear! Try to hold in your lunch.

3...2...1... contact!

Chaos breaks out on stage after Max hauls Snaarf over his shoulder and takes him away. Gareth treats women in the true Medieval tradition while Plushing just tries to get away...

Heave the gargolye find out that stopping is not quite as easy as starting. (insert evil laughter here)

Ah, now that's what pre-show is all about. Sleeping through Max and Plushing's jokes!

Gareth gets off his butt and decides to give his bodyguard, Piskey, a hand.

Nob can't figure out who she wants to help in these tense little situations.

Nob the tree fairy manages to save Gareth's bacon from Retch the dragonman's attack. Heh. He's getting beat up by a girl!

Yohko returns from backstage to drag Gareth back for a little.... what? There's no room to do anything backstage!

The look on Yohko's face says it all as Gareth prepares for the kiss. It's a fine line between fear and revulsion!

Gimme some sugar, baby!

Spanky Poo can only look on in awe as Gnaarl looks on in Aaaaah!

Nob, shows she's smarter than her number of lines says as she tosses the money in the cage, capturing Hobarth the taxman!

Methinks the taxman sees someone he would love to audit.

A look at Heave sailing over the top of the crowd. This being Texas, I'm surprised he wasn't shot at!

Yep, the unthinkable has happened. Our courageous wizard Zippo has been transformed into the Flaming Zippo! OK, so it wasn't really that much of a stretch.

Gareth, the Lord of Windbags, begins expoounding on whatever dumb idea he just contrived. Notice the rest of the cast's reaction.

Piskey Whiskey and Lord Gareth go against the black shrouded Gnaarl with the huge sword. All right, someone's over compensating here.

Yohko giggles with delight as Gnaarl attempts to remove Gareth and Piskey's heads!

Piskey Whiskey dives between the legs of the wildly swinging Gnaarl while Gareth admires her technique.

Max finally finishes off the pesky Snaarf with a mighty melodramatic blow!

Here comes the glassy-eyed Yohko taking a look around over the wall. This, of course, before she gets turned into a babe.

Ah, there's what the world's heaviest puppet looks like from behind.

Here is the cast of the 1998 Dragon Attack Stunt Show, complete with the recently deceased dragonmen in the front. This includes the brave souls with the unenviable job of keeping the crowd away from the action.

Poor Zippo can only look on as Piskey, Gareth, Nob, and Plushing break into a bespelled chorus line. It only gets worse from there. Curse you, Yohko!

Collin de Notes, the faithful trumpeteer, finally gets what he deserves... a gut punch from Lord Marion. Lord Plushing thanks you.

Notice how Zippo turns to make sure the net is in place before he flops in. He just hopes it stays that way!

Lord Gareth MacTehner goes face to face with Yohko the dragon. A prelude of things to come. I think Gareth believes she's there now!

Retch the dragonman attacks Gareth while Nob...uh, helps?

Poor Yohko, transformed by Zippo into a woman and scared by the taxman, knocked herself unconscious running into the wall. It's lucky that Gareth was there to catch her. Lucky for who, I wonder?

Max removes the offending dragonman from the Mayoral proceedings. Snaarf just snivels. That's what he does.

Renet seems to have the situation well in hand. I bet Gareth squeals like a girl.

Heave has come for the battle. Unfortunately, there's no battle for him to join. This is Hawkwood, though, all you have to do it wait a bit.

Heave the gargoyle flies over the stunned Lord Plushing (and even more stunned audience), he really needs to work on that landing, though. Watch out for that, CRASH oooh, stage!

Heave, crouching down to wait for the battle, shows everyone where the whole gargoyle on the wall thing came from.

Hob the Hobgoblin (Wasn't he a good guy?) takes on Renet atop the wall. Watch your step!

The Hawkwoodians have unleashed their secret weapon, Hobarth the Taxman!!! Even the all-powerful Yohko recoils from his fury.

A face like that makes you wonder if unleashing Hobarth was quite the right thing to do after all.

Hob, stealing a cue from Heave, prepares himself to crash into the wall. I didn't know Hobgoblins could fly.

Piskey Whiskey and Gareth send the recently recycled Gnaarl to his second death in the show. Must be a bad day to be a dragonman.

Locken Key, the lone Gatekeeper, becomes the designated fall guy of the show after Yohko blows him off the wall. The third falls the charm, I believe.

Max Mim Damage, the Master at Arms, and Lord Oflert Plushing, the master of no charm, torture the crowd with terrible jokes before the show begins.

Nob hops on Gareth's back during his fight with Retch. No one can quite figure out which side this fairy is on.

Piskey Whiskey, Gareth's bodyguard takes on Lord Marion after the fey Prince tried to take over the proceedings. This is the way public functions always go around this place.

Zippo, Piskey, and Gareth exhibit the typical response to any of Lord Plushing's speeches. Zzzzzzz

Renet and Heave exchange flesh wounds in their cat fight... er... fox and gargoyle fight on the wall.

The Mayoral proceedings are interrupted by the dragonman Snaarf, sent by Yohko to put up a candidate for Mayor. Plushing stares on in disbelief. Piskey looks ready to bite him. Bet he tastes like chicken.

Max defends the gate against Snaarf. Snaarf defends against Max's defense. The whole show's getting defensive at this point, I think.

It takes more than a little throw over the shoulder to beat Renet, as Gareth, or more precisely, Gareth's behind finds out!

Yohko hurls Gareth across the stage after his failed attempt at subduing her with a kiss. I guess now we can't ask him if dragons really have forked tongues.

Gareth gets a bit of a surprise as the usually amorous Yohko is replaced by the more amorous Zippo, the Fire... er Flaming Wizard.

Zippo gets a taste of Gnaarl's medicine as he plumets from the tower in one of the mud shows.

The others can only look on in amazement as Zippo tumbles into the well after getting blown up by Yohko. Then again, maybe it's just the tights that gives them that look!

The recently transformed Yohko surveys the land she wishes to conquer while Zippo checks his his spellbook again to make sure he wasn't on the page that folds out in the middle.

Locken Key falls off the wall again, this time blown up by Zippo! The poor guy must have gone up the one-way staircase.

And here's a good shot of the right part of the stage. Everyone seems to be taking their time getting ready for the show. Notice the open air the stage had back then.

Here's a good shot of what the left part of the stage looked like in 1998. Notice the haywagon which is Locken's favorite(?) place to be. If you look closely, you can see a good shot of Tim (Mishka) getting psyched to run the dragon version of Yohko.

A good shot of the nasty condition the backstage was in back in '98.

Ivan Desorian, our jack of all trades for the show, stumbles along the undeveloped backstage area and shakes a tree for the Yohko simulation.

Here's the cargo net that would sometimes hold and keep Zippo from plummeting 8' to the wooden planks below.

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