Sheriff Tyrell McHendrick and his bailiffs try Dandy Dan in their court of law.

Nitro the safecracker makes a break to gather up more explosives.

Calamity Kate, Black Bart, and Nitro arrive in town as Deputies Eugene and Alowyshius play with their lizard.

Sheriff McHendrick blows Bart off the roof with dynamite as Cletus slides away to safety.

Dandy Dan is prepared for hanging by Deputy Cletus.

Madame Josephine and Lilly listen to the Sheriff ramble on endlessly.

The bandits and lawmen face each other in a mexican standoff.

Black Bart watches as a lit stick of dynamite flies towards him on the roof of the jail.

Calamity Kate has Deputy Eugene wrapped up in her whip before she slings him to the ground.

The saloon girls, Josephine, Jezebel, and Belle wait around for some payin' customers.

Nitro watches as the lawmen train their guns on Black Bart on the roof.

Dandy Dan gets hung by Cletus and Prospector Oregon on their new gallows.

Black Bart and Calamity Kate get the drop on Cletus and Alowyshius.

The bandits watch as Dandy Dan gets pulled back into the saloon party by Belle.

Hard Luck Harry gets beat up by the saloon girls.

Dandy Dan gets the drop on Alowyshius and Eugene as Cletus knocks himself on the head on the doorframe.

Sheriff McHendrick and Deputy Jezebel realize the futility of shooting at Black Bart.

Whe Black Bart leaves, confusion ensues as everyone has a gun pulled, but no one knows who to aim at.

Nitro cames charging in, cackling and throwing dynamite all around the town.

Black Bart holds the homesteaders Ethel and Henry hostage.

The lawmen try to decide how to shoot Bart without hitting the hostage.

Here are some shots of the most important task in putting on a stunt show.... the construction!

Josh (aka Dandy Dan) kisses the newly built gallows for good luck.

Nathan (aka Hard Luck Harry) shows us his high-flying monkey act as he hangs up the slide line for Cletus.

Dave (aka the Super Grip) and Patrick (aka Eugene) do some work on the roof so Black Bart doesn't fall through it.

Patrick tests out Calamity Kate's trampoline. Like anyone can keep him of it.

Doing their best Amish barn-raising act, everyone lifts up the gallows into position to hang Dandy Dan.

Then, there's the one thing on these work days that everyone is qualified to do... sit around and BS.

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