Deputy Eugene is tormented by Madame Josephine and her saloon girl, Belle.

Black Bart surveys the damage his gang has created from on top of the jail.

Calamity Kate keeps the deputies pinned down with a crack of her whip.

Deputy Eugene gets blown off the livery by a stick of dynamite hurled by Nitro.

Sheriff McHendrick and Dandy Dany can only watch as Deputy Alowyshius tries to get his gun out of it's holster.

Calamity Kate falls to her death on the ladder after getting shot by Henry & Ethel.

Jezebel leads the pack of saloon girls to pounce on the money-laden bandits.

Black Bart meets his doom after getting blown from the jail by a stick of dynamite the Sheriff threw.

The saloon girls are always on the lookout for their latest victim.

Deputy Eugene finds himself in a bit of a predicament.

The homesteaders Henry & Ethel defend their home against the dangerous desperados.

Calamity Kate wraps Deputy Eugene up in her whip as Nitro looks on in appreciation.

Deputy Cletus has a showdown with Dandy Dan & Hard Luck Harry.

Nitro the safecracker and Prospector Oregon get caught by the law.

Dandy Dan gets his comeuppance and is hung for his crimes

Black Bart comes out with guns blazing to take down the lawmen.

The saloon girls have a naughty lil' proposition for Deputy Alowyshius and Deputy Eugene.

Henry & Ethel keep fighting over the family pistol while Calamity Kate anticipates her demise.

Madame Josephine complains to the Sheriff about all the bandits running around.

Deputies Cletus and Alowyshius are hiding upwind from the outlaws.

The bandits and the saloon girls watch in awe as Calamity Kate whips Deputy Eugene.

The saloon girls all run to Sheriff McHendrick to thank him... or are they running past him?

The Honorable Judge Sheriff Tyrell McHendrick shows how he is a one-man courtroom in the lawless West.

After all is said and done, Nitro gets the girl.... Wait! Nitro gets the girl?!?!

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