Black Pete, the (cough) pirate, fills in the audience as to the history of the Old Gate.

Gnaarl gets an unintentional piggy-backride from Cannonball while Retch gives a hand.

Black Pete and Hawkeye are a wee bit too interested in each other's dinghies.

Chomp is blown off the wall by Sgt. Gallows' flintlock.

Who then proceeds to act like a medieval Clint Eastwood.

Gnaarl and Chomp deliver a thrashing to Popgun... you know you wanted to, too.

Sgt. Gallows, Gnaarl, Popgun, and Chomp engage in the favorite of stunt show pasttimes.

Squat apparently took classes from the William Shatnerspeare School of Dramatic Overacting.

Margaret, our sweet lil' audience member, gets harrassed by Retch and Chomp.

Gnaarl knocks Hawkeye in the well with a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Oh-Noooo!

With heroes like these, it's a good thing the enemies aren't very good at what they do.

Gnaarl thinks his happy thoughts and proceeds to fly in to attack the guards.

His flight of the valkyries is cut shot by the sudden appearance of the wall, though.

Sgt. Gallows delivers a blow to Gnaarl... with his SWORD, you dirty-minded people.

Margaret continues to cause havok amongst the dragonmen by sending Retch plummeting to the ground on her ladder.

Emerging through the smoke, is it? ... is it? ... it is! It's Yohko! (your line here)

Black Pete, you might have a case of the... bone frogs! ... Did you say bone frogs?

That's right, the.... bone frogs!

Popgun gets blown off the tower by Squat's magical spell.

It's like watching the a 3 stooges episode as the guards chase Chomp around the well.

Sgt. Gallows delivers to Retch a... boot to the head. And 2 for Jenny and the wimp.

Chomp delivers a surprise to the unsuspecting Hawkeye and Black Pete

The bushes sneaking up on Cannonball sprout hands and reach for the gold.

Chomp attempts to avoid the charging Popgun by swinging 'round the tower on the yardarm

It was a successful move as the not-so-bright Popgun goes sailing off the ledge.

Sgt. Gallows gets his sword stuck in the wall while fighting Chomp and Gnaarl

Cannonball shows Sgt. Gallows a little hand-picked friend.

Popgun and Retch square off in a steel cage match to the death.

The blind Hawkeye shoots bug spray into Cannonball's eyes, thanks to Chomp.

Chomp ascends to a higher plane on the lift line. The conversation below must be pretty boring.

Margaret continues her domination of the dragons by pouring boiling pitch on Squat's head.

Sgt. Gallows disarms Retch. Now if he could only declaw her.

Popgun swings in to the... uh... rescue?

The viciously loud cannon Sgt. Gallows fires, causes Chomp and Gnaarl to fall off the tower.

Hawkeye takes the fastest way down off the wall to escape the approaching Yohko.

Chomp and Retch enjoy the nicest part of the show for them.

The dragonmen plot their next scheme. Is it me, or did Retch get really blue all of a sudden?

Popgun has himself a death scene without all the dying when Gallows attacks Retch.

The festering well sends out it bubbles into the old gate.

E looks really tired after the 15 seconds of exertion he had to put out backstage.

Yohko roots for Sgt. Gallows as he attacks Chomp... wait... she's probably rooting for Chomp.

Gnaarl is looking hard for those air brakes right about now.

It's Squat vs. Cannonball in the grudge match of the millenium. Wrestlemania, eat your heart out.

Sgt. Gallows fights his way up the ladder, trying to get away from the dragonmen.

The good guys try a little intimidation against Yohko.

Gallows takes the slide line away from the attacking dragonmen.

It's chaos at the Old Gate when the steel starts flyin'.

Black Pete can spot a camera a mile away, even when it's coming from backstage.

Thanks go to Lee Stradley and Donna Fagans donating some of the pictures

Here are some bonus pictures taken from movies of the show

Chomp torches Black Pete and Hawkeye.

Sgt. Gallows fires his flintlock at Chomp.

Squat uses his magic to blow Gnaarl over the wall.

Chomp gets blown off the tower by Yohko.

Gnaarl flies in to "Flight of the Valkyries"

Retch tumbles over backwards after getting shoved by Margaret.

Squat blows Popgun off the tower.

Sgt. Gallows takes the slide for life to escape the pursuing Gnaarl.

Retch reacts in fear from the explosion Hawkeye caused by shooting the gunpowder.

Popgun goes huevos-first into the tree on his rope swing.

Squat gets a dose of his own medicine at Cannonball shoots the powder barrel.

Sgt. Gallows delivers a leaping kick to Retch.

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