Belle weeps for the soon to be hanged Dandy Dan while her saloon girl friends console her.

Sheriff Tyrell McHendrick greets all those who have come to see the hangin'.

Every good hero must have a sidekick. Unfortunately for the Sheriff, his is Deputy Eugene.

Although, no day in the old west could be complete without a bank robbery. This one courtesy of the Black Bart gang.

The hangman in town really seems to enjoy her work as Dan swing from the gallows pole.

Nitro the safecracker arrives on the scene to start some noise. Time to cover them windows!

Calamity Kate sends the lawmen scurrying with her bullwhip. Except the unlucky Eugene, who's bound for a surprise.

Nitro and Deputy Hoss have a Mexican standoff in the middle of the street.

Deputy Cletus pops up on the roof to get the drop on the outlaws at the bank.

Sheriff McHendrick and Deputy Duke give the bandits a good tongue lashing...

...then run for cover like girls when the lead starts flying.

Dan fires off a few choice words to the lawmen in town while preparing to meet his maker.

Calamity Kate, Black Bart, and Hard Luck Harry watch the fun as Dandy Dan swings on his noose.

Ya gotta admit, it is pretty darned funny when Dan starts kicking like that.

Madame Josephine is never at a loss for words when it comes to defending her girls. I mean, them saloon girls cost money!

Now that Kate has freed Dandy Dan from the noose, it's time for some payback.

Black Bart fires at Cletus across the street. It might take a few times, but he'll get him.

See? Told ya he'd get 'em.

With 5 lit sticks of dynamite in his hands, Nitro shows us how he got his name.

...and, of course, every explosion sends the saloon girls scurrying.

Shot up, beat up, and freshly kicked in the huevos, Black Bart falls to his doom.

Calamity Kate creates havoc when she fires towards the durned law dogs that got her surrounded.

Hard Luck Harry takes a quick look around before getting shot back into the bank by Deputy Cletus.

Them explosions is caused by Dave, on the right, whom Cletus guards with his life.

Villains everywhere beware! Deputy Hoss is danged chapped!

The skillets fly as the saloon girls come in to help by bashing Dandy Dan senseless.

Mikey the sound guy is on the roof saying, "If I have to play the Black Bart theme music one more time..."

Kate and Bart prepare for the next show by slapping in those earplugs.

It's the day before the show. That means it's time to cram those lines into the brain.

Ever wonder what stunt people do in their off time? Why, the eat and talk on phones, that's what.

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