$   Someone must have said something funny in the crowd, 'cause these guys have stopped totally!

*   Port tries to free Mutt from the rope he is tangled in. Mutt's looking for a leg to hump.

*   Snaarf jumps to avoid Mutt's swipe at his feet.

Mikey the puppeteer wanders around aimlessly with his ears on. Now you know why we don't let him on stage!

*   Chomp tries to hold off both Mutt's axe and his odor.

$   Mutt looks to be taking up trash work as he gets some paper stuck to the end of his sword.

Maggie works backstage on getting Yohko's wings to work right.

*   Laurel, the imposter Kirk, does her best attempt at looking heroic. I'm not sure if she succeeded.

*   Snaarf cowers in fear from the rampaging Mutt.

*   Plushing chows down on some bunny fondue.

Let's hear it for Carrie, our official stunt show salesperson!!

$   It's pre-show time! Plushing speaks over the Conan soundtrack about the history of the Old Gate.

*   Jerricho sneaks up behind Mutt, who brags about not being as stupid as the bad guys.

*   Kirk gets shoved off the tower by Dirk, and they even argued with each other after he hit the ground!!

*   Mutt takes away Chomp's sword. That's all right, though, she didn't know how to use it anyway.

*   Methinks Jerricho is trying to look a bit too much like some other dictator.

*   Mutt takes on all four dragonmen at once.

*   Jerricho's monkey butt is showing as he chases Mutt who ripped his skirt off.

*   Snaarf swings in and crashes into Chomp. Yep, the dragonmen really have their act together.

*   Port swings on the yardarm to get away from Crunch.

It's the Dread Pirate Plushing!

*   The ground seems to move towards Mutt really fast sometimes.

*   Mutt stabs at Snaarf through the ladder of the scout tower.

*   Kirk, looking all heroic, takes his spear after Chomp.

$   Plushing sails up the rope line to avoid the charging Crunch.

*   Mutt chops Crunch in the back with his axe. That'll teach him to volunteer for the dragon army.

*   Once again, the secret weapon, Mutt, is knocked out cold by Jerricho.

*   Don't worry, I'll save you!

*   Snaarf decides to bring on the funk with Mutt.

$   Chomp plays jumprope with her bullwhip while Kirk stands there confused.

$   Mutt takes a dive in the well after getting punched by Jerricho.

$   Plushing, Port, and Mutt hide from the roaring Yohko.

*   The bubbles fly and disco rules when Jerricho makes his dance entrance.

*   Jerricho can't go anywhere without his dramatic entrance music and smoke.

*   Yohko holds on to Plushing as she surveys the carnage going on at Old Gate.

$   Mutt leaps over Chomp's sword as she brings the attack to him.

*   Port holds on to his newly damaged foot after trying to kick Jerricho in the goolies.

*   Chomp plummets to the ground on the ladder after Port shoves her off the scout tower.

*   Port clangs Snaarf on the head with one of his skillets.

*   Mutt strikes his favorite pose... standing there with his tongue hanging out, laughing at the dragonmen.

#   Port takes on Jerricho, with unsurprising results.

#   Mutt prepares to take Gnaarl's head off and carve it like a pumpkin for Halloween.

$   Chomp swings in to attack Port, who, as usual, is bragging about how good he is!

*   It's Mutt Unleashed when Port sics the attack dog on the dragonmen.

Here's Alex, the fairy that always helps sell buttons & t-shirts.

#   Mutt and Gnaarl go at it tooth & nail... er... battle axe & katana.

$   Port tries to escape over the wall as Chomp climbs up after him.

#   Mutt's face says it all as he gets a peek at Jerricho's monkey butt under the skirt.

$   Snaarf holds his thoughts and Gnaarl holds his groin as they try to find a way to win a fight.

$   Chomp delivers the chicken to Port's cookout. Meanwhile Snaarf holds his head after getting clanged again.

*   Gnaarl finally manages to take out a good guy, but Port's about to give him a present in return.

*   Gnaarl flies in to attack Port. Flying is the easy part, it's that landing that always gets him.

#   Snaarf and Chomp react in fear to the mean, nasty Mutt.

*   The action is fast and furious as Gnaarl and Port break out their spears.

*   Gnaarl gets smashed by Snaarf and starts spinning around on the dangling rope.

*   Mutt reacts to god (aka the sound person) chastising Jerricho for his bad entrance.

*   The thugs come running out of the woodwork when Port drops his bag of gold.

*   The dragonmen do their best 3 stooges impersonation after they scare off Plushing.

*   Crunch falls into the rock pile after missing Port on the rope.

*   Chomp attacks Port with her chickens, either that or she saved him from a vicious chicken flying towards his head.

*   Kirk runs behind Crunch, confusing the dragonman, like that's hard to do.

*   Dirk & Kirk argue over who's going to be doing the saving around here.

*   As Chomp flies and gains momentum, Snaarf realizes what's about to happen.

*   Mutt takes a crossbow bolt to the chest from Port, who should have hit Jerricho between the cheeks.

*   Snaarf peeks out of the well to make faces at Port.

*   Jerricho turns and sees Dirk holding his lunch. Typical faire food, everything's on a stick.

*   Dirk swings in on the rope looking for the gold that Port promised.

*   Chomp waits in the trees, high above the audience, waiting for the call to attack.

Yohko stares into the crowd, looking for a virgin. She needs to look harder.

*   Chomp prepares to do damage with her fowl.. er... foul chicken-chucks!

*   Crunch leaps to avoid Mutt cutting the back of his knees off.

*   Chomp reacts to having her pants pulled down by Mutt. I think her pumpkin is showing.

*   Everyone starts feeling the groove when the dance music comes on for Jerricho's entrance.

*   An interesting thing happened one day as both Dirk's arrived at the same time to harrass Kirk.

#   The 3 dragonmen are looking as innocent as possible while waiting for Plushing to finish yacking.

*   Chomp flies through the air when Jerricho calls the dragonmen in to attack.

*   Dirk & Kirk tend to look a little more heroic all the time. Maybe they'll stop Port from shooting Mutt with that crossbow.

Here's a shot of stage left at the Old Gate Theater in 2000, taken from the center of the wall.

And here's a shot of stage right.

No one gets near Wes when he's wiring up the pyro for the show. Otherwise, he'll blow you off the stage.

*   Chomp takes a break from getting her butt kicked by the good guys and rests in the rock pile.

Here's the hearty souls that have been with the show since it started, posed with Yohko from '98. Mike, Josh, Evan, Mary, Craig, and Dave.

#   Lord Plushing gets reacquainted with his old girlfriend, Yohko.

$   Chomp does her high school basketball drills as dragonmen surround Port.

#   Now who knew Port was once a Japanese Chef?

#   Meet Snaarf and his newest sidekick, Sniff.

*   Dirk & Kirk inadvertantly end up attacking Chomp while they fight each other.

#   Dirk & Kirk pose more threat to everyone around them than to whomever they're fighting!

*   Gnaarl has a bit of a problem with getting his groin damaged. This time he landed in the netting a bit wrong.

#   Snaarf and Mutt are still trying to reconcile their differences.

#   There's the landing that Gnaarl always has to worry about.

#   Poor Kirk is surrounded by Dirks.

#   Dirk & Kirk must have just read the script for the first time.

*   Dirk & Plushing try to figure out what to do with the imposter Kirk aka Laurel the techie!

*   E, our hired wheel-puller, peeks through a crack in the stage to see what's going on.

*   Dirk looks a little peeved. Kirk better hide in his pants.

*   Dirk spouts out philosphical questions while attacking Snaarf.

*   Mutt plummets to the rocks below after getting shot by Port.

*   Chomp flips away from Mutt as he attempts to chop her legs off.

All pics with an "*" near them are courtesy of Donna & Lorna (aka the Blonde & the Redhead)
All pics with an "$" beside them provided by Mary Dossey
All pics with an "#" beside them donated by Lee Stradley

Here are some shots from the first round of tryouts for the 2000 show. We drug out the small pad in the cold weather to see what everyone could do.

Here's Craig, the illustrious director, showing everyone the quickest way to get a headache.

Mike grabs Patrick and they try a few moves they saw on WWF Nitro.

Patrick crashes to the pad after his high-flying rope swing act.

Even the techies get into the act as Wes defies the law of gravity while Mary keeps his child out of the fall zone.

Oh sure, Patrick won't fall off a tower, but he'll break his neck doing crazy rope swings. Hmmm.

Here are some pictures showing what it really means to be in the Stunt Show... a lot of construction and prep work!

Everyone took their turn helping dig out a better pit for the crash pad.

Craig and Evan take a break from setting up the low-to-high zip line.

Mikey coils up the spare cable after stringing the high-to-high zip line.

Mary cleans up the loose wood lying around the seating area.

Josh greases up the high-to-high zip line. This is shortly before he fell off the ladder.

From on high, the Craig sends people to work. Directors... hmph!

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