On the last day of the season, we decided to shake up the show a bit (as well as the audience) and do a show in our boxers. If the weather stays as hot in 2001, we might do this every show!

*   Chomp crashes into Snaarf on the wall. Must be quite a site since she was wearing boxers, too.

*   Now that's not fair. When Mutt takes off Chomp's boxers, she's wearing 5 pairs!!

*   Crunch dives off the tower, not because he missed Port, it's because he wanted to escape from Port's skid marks.

*   The dragonmen flex even more now, with all that muscle showing.

*   Now we know what Jerricho's legs look like under all that fur. I hope he doesn't lose the skirt on this show.

*   Wearing no pants means Gnaarl has even less protection when he goes groin first into the net.

*   That's a whole lot of leg showing onstage as Gnaarl finishes doing his spin.

*   Port forgot about the old rule about not cooking with grease when you're wearing your underwear. Those splatters will get ya!

*   Well, it looks like Jerricho did lose his skirt. Underneath, he's wearing sheepskin boxers! Yeesh!

*   Kirk's boxers are about to fall off as he does his fall off the white tower.

*   Dirk and Gnaarl react to Mutt struggling to close the flap on the front of his boxers.

*   Mutt better hope he's got his boxers closed in the front, or he's gonna catch some wind on the way down!

*   Trust Kirk to think that wearing your skivvies on your head makes you more heroic.

*   Looks like Plushing had some fun at the Revlon Lipstick Party!

*   Hmm, I wonder who's more shriveled under their boxers in this pic?

*   Plushing and Kirk see if they have enough gold to buy some new pants. I think Kirk needs to change his diapers.

*   Yohko couldn't help but join the fun (the puppeteers couldn't be shown up) so she put on boxers, too, complete with a pirate hat!

*   With boxers like that, it's no wonder Port can't ever get anyone to help him defend the Old Gate!

All pics with an "*" near them are courtesy of Donna & Lorna
(aka the Blonde & the Redhead)

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