Here are some MPG movie clips from the Sept 2002 Bandit Attack Stunt Shows at Wild Western Days.

Dan vs. the bottle

Dandy Dan gets more than he bargains for when he messes with the saloon girls.

320 X 240   0:17 min   1.3MB

Bart & Cletus vs. gravity

Sheriff McHendrick gets a 2-for-1 as he send Deputy Cletus and Black Bart flying with a stick of dynamite.

320 X 240   0:57 min   4.3MB

Bandits vs. bananas

Hard Luck Harry and Black Bart get their guns replaced with fruit.

320 X 240   0:45 min   3.4MB


Kate vs. Oregon

Calamity Kate gets fired up for the kill, then crashes into Oregon the Prospector

320 X 240   0:17 min   1.3MB

Henry vs. Ethel

Henry and Ethel fight each other more than the bandits, but still manage to take out Calamity Kate.

320 X 240   0:34 min   2.6MB

Cletus vs. the shutter

Deputies Eugene and Alowyshius are caught by Cletus, but the Sheriff always has the last laugh.

320 X 240   0:13 min   1.0MB


Nitro vs. everyone

Everyone's favorite, Nitro, comes in cackling and slinging dynamite all over the place.

320 X 240   0:24 min   1.8MB

Bart vs. dynamite

Another, shorter clip of Black Bart meeting his demise.

320 X 240   0:10 min   812KB

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