Dragon Attack Stunt Show Stunt Show Cast and Crew

Here are some MPG movie clips of the 2001 Dragon Attack Stunt Show in action at the Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire.


Chomp the Dragonwoman outmaneuvers Black Pete and Popgun, only to run into a bullet from Sgt. Gallows.


Cannonball fires his swivel gun to break up all the sword fighting.


After Sgt. Gallows eludes Chomp and Gnaarl, Yohko gives it a try and ends up taking out Chomp.

320 X 240     39 sec     5.84 MB 320 X 240     37 sec     5.58 MB 320 X 240     35 sec     5.19 MB


It's pandemonium at the Old Gate as Yohko commands her dragonmen to attack the remaining guards.


Squat leads the dragonmen into attack using their magical powers against the guards with explosive results.


Cannonball shoots a talking lizard before the ever-eager Popgun leaps over the wall without a rope.

320 X 240     114 sec     16.90 MB 320 X 240     87 sec     12.90 MB 320 X 240     77 sec     11.40 MB


Gnaarl finally gets his wish as he and the audience summon forth the might dragon Yohko! (Oh no!)


The dragonmen end up accosting an audience member and Retch ends up falliing off a ladder and Squat gets coated in boiling pitch.


The dragonmen take Retch's plan and sneak up on the unsuspecting Cannonball and Hawkeye.

320 X 240     46 sec     6.85 MB 320 X 240     66 sec     9.79 MB 320 X 240     63 sec     9.33 MB


Sgt. Gallows demonstrates to his guards where all the dragonmen are by firing a (surprisingly loud) cannon.


Chomp easily avoids the guards in a keystone cops sequence before escaping up the rope lift.


A second look at the magic fight, where the explosions are fast and furious.

320 X 240     31 sec     4.57 MB 320 X 240     42 sec     6.29 MB 320 X 240     95 sec     14.00 MB


Finally, in the traditional boxer show, at our final performance at Hawkwood, Black Pete and Squat get a tribute to the eternal "bone frogs" joke.

320 X 240     55 sec     9.99 MB

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