Dragon Attack Stunt Show Stunt Show Movie Clips

Here are some MPG movie clips of the 2000 Dragon Attack Stunt Show in action at the Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire.


Port comes out to rescue Mutt from Jerricho, but ends up shooting him with a crossbow instead.


Port, Snaarf, and Chomp go at it in a woking good fight. What's a stunt show without skillets or rubber chickens?


Mutt delivers a well-deserved kick to Gnaarl's cute little dragonnards.

352 X 240     25 sec     4.23 MB 352 X 240     61 sec     10.20 MB 352 X 240     15 sec     2.65 MB


Chomp tries to appeal to Port's nice side, only to find he doesn't have one and gets sent tumbling on the ladder.


Mutt and Jerricho are going at it when suddenly Mutt gets a little more than he, or the audience, was hoping for.


Dirk and Kirk pop up to rescue Port, but as usual, they end up fighting each other instead.

352 X 240     16 sec     2.70 MB 352 X 240     28 sec     4.84 MB 352 X 240     51 sec     8.55 MB


Mutt is sent to attack Snaarf, Chomp, and Crunch in a 3 vs 1 fight, but somehow, Gnaarl still gets the bad end of it.


Lord Plushing manages to escape the dragonmen, but ends up looking Yohko right in the eye instead.


Port manages to survive an exciting spearfight with Gnaarl, only to get pounced on by Chomp and Snaarf.

352 X 240     70 sec     11.60 MB 352 X 240     18 sec     3.07 MB 352 X 240     55 sec     9.29 MB


Chomp comes flying in to help fight, but ends up flattening Snaarf instead.


Mutt takes out the dragonmen, but forgets to check behind him for the head bad guy, Jerricho.


Dirk and Kirk come to the rescue again, but this time, they both get wasted as Kirk falls of the tower and Dirk gets blown up.

352 X 240     14 sec     2.36 MB 352 X 240     16 sec     2.84 MB 352 X 240     28 sec     4.70 MB


A smoky Yohko the dragon shows her concern for her childrens' well being.


Port takes on Chomp, Snaarf, and Crunch on the wall of the Old Gate.


Jerricho throws Snaarf into Gnaarl who ends up getting caught in a serious spin on the rope.

352 X 240     14 sec     2.49 MB 352 X 240     27 sec     4.68 MB 352 X 240     21 sec     3.61 MB


The skillet fights gets done in the traditional boxer show style.


Chomp's underwear is a flyin' in the boxer show zip line.

352 X 240     55 sec     9.18 MB 352 X 240     22 sec     3.69 MB

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