Here are some MPG movie clips of the 1999 Dragon Attack Stunt Show in action at the Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire.


Agwe the Wizard blows Chomp the Dragonwoman off the white tower.


Jerricho sends his dragonmen to attack the Hawkwood militia.


Chomp flies in at Jerricho's summons, but runs into a nasty little fort.

352 X 240     10 sec     1.70 MB 352 X 480     42 sec     6.25 MB 352 X 240     15 sec     2.54 MB


Snaarf and Hork deal with the legend of... the Incredible Chicken-Headed Monster!


Gareth hangs on to the ladder a bit too long as Smash and Hork send him tumbling.


Agwe the Wizard makes his musical entrance. That Agwe's a bad mother...

352 X 240     71 sec     11.80 MB 352 X 480     27 sec     3.81 MB 352 X 240     26 sec     4.50 MB


Keepa, Gareth, and Crash of the Titans try to sneak past the dragonmen, only to wake up Ripp and try to sing her back to sleep.


The militia take on the dragonmen in a battle royale. In the middle, Gnaarl gets knocked off the fort into the sales tent.


Lord Plushing saves everyone from the ravages of Ringo the dragon with a cute lil' bunny.

352 X 240     52 sec     8.74 MB 352 X 240     46 sec     7.73 MB 352 X 240     19 sec     3.27 MB


Plushing, Keepa, and Smash keep Jerricho from blowing away Port and cause the ogre to hit Chomp instead.


Locken Key the Gatekeeper can't find a place to go without Jerricho trying to blow him up.


Snaarf the Dragonman flies up to attack, only to run into Locken's sword.

352 X 480     49 sec     7.23 MB 352 X 240     33 sec     5.64 MB 352 X 240     13 sec     2.25 MB


Only in this show could you go from a mass torch fight into Washington crossing the Delaware.


Keepa Mout the Gatekeeper gets lifted into the air in extreme slow motion by Agwe.


At night, Agwe's funky entrance turns into something... thrilling!

352 X 240     25 sec     4.28 MB 352 X 480     36 sec     5.29 MB 352 X 240     32 sec     5.48 MB

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