Well for 1999 we had an entire year to plan, and the end result was a show that incorporated the best parts of entertainment, action, effects, stunts, fights, puppets, and comedy... with even a little drama interspersed.

With the help of a dedicated cast and crew, we totally revamped the Old Gate Theater at Hawkwood from the ankle-twisting, wrist-breaking, rain-washed, nobackstage-having stage it was in 1998 into a fine stunt stage at almost twice it's original size. With this new stage in place, we took the stunt show to new heights, cramming almost every conceivable stunt and effect into two totally different action-packed shows.

Then, just for extra fun in October, after the festival was over, we put together a Halloween version of the show during a fund-raiser event that featured Halloween characters vs. Christmas characters.

This page is a tribute to the cast and crew that sacrificed health and dignity to bring these shows to life.

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