Year 4 of the Dragon Attack Stunt Show showed even more additions to the Old Gate Theater. (Proving that some directors don't know when to leave well enough alone) The new section of stage, including a new tower, allowed for building new stunts as well as re-imagining some others. Combine that with a new dose of silly humor and ringing sword-fighting and you had a powerful combination to dazzle the senses with. The new stunts this year included a couple of slides for life and a ravamped zip line. We also ramped up the amount of pyro to give the audience a boom for their buck. Sadly, 2001 turned out to be the last year for Hawkwood, but we went out with a bang and a bone frog.

2001 also brought us the Bandit Attack Stunt Show and all of its gun-slingin' glory. Rapidly developing for a fast-moving charity event, Texas Cares, the Bandit Attack Stunt Show brought the stunt show some westward expansion as, all of a sudden, everyone had to go out and buy brand-new costumes.

This page is dedicated to all the willing members of the shows who dared to defy convention about what they do on their weekends.

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