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The Dragon Attack Stunt Show    &    The Bandit Attack Stunt Show

Be it medieval times or in the days of the wild west, we have a show fit for all ages. Two different shows from two different eras incorporating the best that modern times have to offer.

In a time of fantasy, the vicious dragon Yohko (Oh, no!) and her evil dragonmen will use their magic and launch an attack on the village and the guards will use their swords and guns to defend their homes in the
Dragon Attack Stunt Show!!

In the lawless days of the old west, outlaws roamed the countryside, robbing and killing with reckless abandon. Only the toughest lawmen could stand and protect the innocent from harm in the
Bandit Attack Stunt Show!!

These shows bring all of the elements of a good performance into the loudest, largest, and most visual show ever seen at an event or festival. They combine all of the aspects of a stunt show, a pyrotechnics show, a sword/gun fighting show, and a comedy and incorporate them into one entertainment banquet that has to be seen to be experienced!

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